For My Clients November 11, 2015

The Industry is Changing. Windermere Agents Stay Ahead.

Last week, over 100 Windermere Real Estate agents gathered for a preventative education class from the legal experts of Demco Law Firm.

Lars Neste and David Daniels proved again why Demco Law is an asset to Windermere brokers and their clients in this legal class focused on keeping everyone up-to-date on current real estate laws. Lars and David are part of a team that is an asset to Windermere brokers and their clients. They are sensible, have practical knowledge and experience, and are accessible to all Windermere agents.

Along with these preventative educational classes comes a sense of camaraderie among Windermere brokers. Real estate can be a lonely profession where agents often spend most of their time independently. Brokers, when is the last time you were in the room with over 100 productive and professional brokers? We bring that atmosphere to each of our educational classes and seminars. Our focus is community, relationships, and collaboration so we can bring you, our clients, the best real estate experience possible.

It's my mission to stay ahead of the changing real estate market so I can offer you the smoothest real estate transaction possible.